ALPHA Elektrotechnik has specialised in becoming an all-rounder for disconnectors for high- and medium-voltage networks from 3 to 550 kV. The manufacturing programme encompasses products that are designed for both external and internal applications.

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In 1999, ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG started to develop and produce medium-voltage assemblies for railways (traction) from 3 kV to 25 kV. Thanks to its excep- tional level of quality and flexibility, ALPHA has been explicitly recognised in international references from the railway sector in recent years.

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Many years of experience, comprehensive expertise, international market presence and the desire to continuously develop our products; these aspects make us an efficient and solution-orientated partner.

forces and tensions

Any complex electric device includes a significant number of components. Like pieces of a puzzle, they constitute in a whole of interdependent elements, in which dysfunction of one generates effects on the others and release the interruption of the whole. Things become even more complicated when asking for quantifying the cost of breakdown.

Under these conditions, long-term reliability is an aspect which must imperatively be taken into account, even more than performance or costs. Beyond the problem of image of a company, it is a question of ethics relating to the safety of whole distribution networks. And the total dependence of industrial civilization to electricity causes ALPHA Elektrotechnik to think of and develop durable, effective, safe products.

In other words: let us connect our forces to manage the tensions.