Established over 90 years ago in Nidau, Switzerland, ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG is a company steeped in tradition. Starting out in the power transmission business selling disconnectors for medium- and high-voltage networks, ALPHA also has a separate business unit – “cable solutions” – for the transfer of energy in medium voltage systems of modern railways. Our wide range of products insulated with oil-paper or SF6 offers our customers an optimal choice of high-quality instrument transformers with a long lifetime.

Our voltage and current transformers are hermetically sealed. All products have a high level of safety against explosion hazards and meet the latest international standards. They all have aluminuim casings and are available with silicone composite (LSR) or for oil-paper insulated transformers with porcelain (C130) insulators if requested. All instrument transformers are available with various creepage and arcing distances. Because of the very close cooperation with our customers, we achieve optimized solutions which are used worldwide.

As a result of continuous development in our R&D department, we can offer products with the latest and state-of-the-art design.

Products & Services

High-voltage disconnectors (Outdoor)
Medium-voltage disconnectors (Indoor and Outdoor)