About the employer

Established over 80 years ago in Nidau, Switzerland, ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG is a company steeped in tradition. Starting out in the power transmission business selling disconnectors for medium- and high-voltage networks, ALPHA also has a separate business unit – “cable solutions” – for the transfer of energy in medium voltage systems of modern railways.

First-class engineering ensures continuous further development and guarantees that end products are of a high quality. An extremely efficient supply chain gives us a high level of flexibility, thereby enabling us to take on projects of various sizes. The international references we have received are an impressive indicator for the quality of our products and services.

Our disconnectors have been used around the world for a number of decades and have proved to be very efficient under a wide range of conditions. The power transmission technology on high-speed trains functions reliably and ensures that trains operate safely. The reliability of our products and the fact that they are guaranteed to function for a number of years are major indicators of quality. In addition we guarantee an outstanding level of service provided with the products, as well as on-site installation of technology and training sessions.

The company is located right in the centre of the Swiss watch industry. The area is well-known for its exceptional expertise in precision mechanics and its skilled workers. ALPHA employs a number of staff who have been at the company for many years, bringing with them a high degree of expertise and excellent manufacturing skills.

In 2015, ALPHA became a member of the PFIFFNER Group (headquarted in Hirschthal, Switzerland) to preserve the continuity of the company. ALPHA is supplementing the core business in the field of instrument transformers. With the bushings produced by MGC Moser-Glaser Ltd. and the powerful market position of the international subsidiaries, the PFIFFNER Group with ALPHA, offers a very broad range of products for customers and distribution partners for the transfer of energy in networks of all voltage types.

Open Positions

Techniker/in (HF) Elektrotechnik / Maschinenbau als Projektleiter/in


Currently there are no open apprenticeships.