Milestones in the History of ALPHA-ET


1928 - Foundation of ALPHA plc
On the 18th of February 1928 the ALPHA plc was founded in Nidau. The company was dedicated to the manufacturing, supply and installation of iron constructions and constructions of other metals, as well as to the production and sales of electrical installation material and electrical machines. 

ALPHA plc took over the construction workshop from BKW (Bernese power plant company) in Nidau with its entire plants and goods inventory. The previous workshop manager Mr. Heinrich Thurnheer took over the management of ALPHA plc.

ALPHA plc took over the long-established steel construction company C. Wolf & Cie plc in Nidau and enlarged its production program in this way by the area of steel construction. 

ALPHA plc existed for 25 years and was managed at that time by Mr. Hans Turnheer.

The number of employees of ALPHA plc increased in that year to 400 people and reached the peak of the whole history. By then ALPHA plc had also trained 345 apprentices.

That year, the probably most important company of the city of Nidau, celebrated its 50th anniversary. At that time, the premises of ALPHA plc were expanded over 32,631 m2, distributed over three plants.

The production program of ALPHA plc included the following areas:

- Apparatus construction
- Metal construction
- Steel construction
- Electromechanics
- Wastewater treatment

1991 – Foundation of ALPHA Elektrotechnik plc
On the 20th of August 1991, Mr Pierre-André Lehmann founded ALPHA Elektrotechnik plc (ALPHA-ET) through a management buyout of the electrical engineering division of ALPHA plc.

Since then, ALPHA-ET has been dedicated to the production of disconnectors and has developed to the leading supplier in Switzerland.

The company Dätwiler plc sells its division of the train cable production, which is taken over by ALPHA-ET in 1999. Since then, ALPHA-ET has also been dedicated to the manufacturing and development of train cable systems. 

2015 – Acquisition by Pfiffner Group
The previous owner and CEO Mr. Pierre-André Lehmann retired that year and sold ALPHA-ET to the befriended Pfiffner Holding Group located in Hirschthal, Switzerland. With their products the ALPHA-ET enlarges the high and medium voltage range of the Pfiffner Group. 



Die Werkstätten der früheren Alpha AG zu ihren Spitzenzeiten

The premises of the earlier ALPHA plc in Nidau, Switzerland